The Hottest Gents Club in Cabo!

The Club

Memaids Cabo San Lucas

Founded in 1992 and still rockin´!  Mermaids has always been known for having not only the hottest women in Cabo but the funnest ones as well.  One of the reasons our customers come back year after year is the relaxed feel of the place and the non-pushy atmosphere created by our amazing dancers.  The staff is always super friendly and we guarantee that you will not have to run through a gauntlet of street hustlers, doormen and private dance salesmen (yea that´s a thing) before you even get to sit down and order a drink.

There are lots of clubs to choose from in Cabo these days, but none have been around as long as Mermaids or enjoyed such a stellar reputation among the fishing and golfing crowd.  There is no better way to top off a your day in Los Cabos than with a wild night at Mermaids!     

Memaids Cabo San Lucas


Mermaids is the oldest continually running gents club in Cabo San Lucas, having opened its doors in 1992. Back then there was one stoplight and a dirt road to the beach. The town grew up around Squid Roe, The Giggling Marlin, CaboWabo and Mermaids.

After a long run the original owners decided to sell and move on in 2006, leaving behind a legendary bar and a lot of memories. It was a bumpy road for the new guys as the great recession hit and the Cabo scene dramatically shifted from fishermen and Baja aficionados to tourists with black socks and cameras around their necks.

After hurricane Odile struck in September, 2014 the original owners bought the place back and set to work.  Mermaids was left in shambles as was most of downtown Cabo.  It was the perfect time to commence a complete remodel of the bar; everything from new tile and carpet to a new lighting and sound system.  The only thing left from the old days were a few tables and the original Mermaid painting that can now be seen hanging in the new lobby on the way up the stairs.  But even though Mermaids has been completely renovated on the inside the original feel of the place still remains.

So on your next venture to Land's End come back and see for yourself how Mermaids has returned to, and some might dare to say even surpassed, its former glory. Grab some tequila shots, invite your favorite Mermaid to a private dance room and become a part of the legend!

First dancers
were Americans.

Mermaids interior
cerca 1992.

View towards Mango Deck
cerca 1994.

Squid Roe
(you could park right out front).

Grand Opening, 1992.


Maids is within easy walking distance to all of the hotels on Medano beach or along the Marina. If you need a taxi your hotel concierge will call one for you. Ask to be taken to Mermaids or CaboWabo as they are right next to each other.

Note: If you ask a taxi driver to take you to Mermaids and he says: Oh no, I will take you to a better place señor, pay him no mind. The reason they do that is to get a commission from the other clubs for taking your gullible ass there. We don´t grease palms because we don´t have to!

Memaids Cabo San Lucas


  • Entry Fee:
    $10 usd (includes first round).
  • Private Dance:
    $20 usd  $100 usd full monty (5 dances).
  • VIP:
    As low as $200 usd (Mermaid cave; Mexican rules).


  • Why is there a cover charge?
    Simple: it is for your protection and comfort. Clubs that don´t charge a cover will let anybody in and that usually leads to having undesireable customers around who bother not only the girls but the other customers (you) as well. A cover charge is like a filter and it works. We want your experience at Mermaids to be awesome, fun and above all safe. A modest cover charge is a great way to keep out the bad elements that could ruin the party.
  • Are private dances the same as in the States?
    Lap Dances, or LDs as we like to call them, are a little more aggressive than you will find in the majority of clubs in the U.S. We like to say that we have Mexican Rules Lap Dances. The girls will basically let you know how things work. Be a gentleman and we guarantee you the dancers will reward you accordingly for your kindness. VIP dances are a different animal. They take place in one of the Mermaid´s caves and push the limits of human endurance.  Do you have what it takes to survive?
  • Do the dancers speak english?
    Some do, some don´t. Most speak a little, enough to get the point across. When in doubt ask your waiter to translate.
  • Is Cabo safe at night?
    Yes it is. Don´t listen to the hype. Cabo is still considered to be one of the safet cities in all of Latin America, especially in the tourist zone. Those cops and army patrols you might see are there for your protection and to make sure any bad guys around never get a toehold in the area. But you will get into trouble with the police if you piss on the sidewalk, get extremely beligerent or refulse to pay your bill at Mermaids!
  • Where do the Mermaids hang out during the day?
    Unfortunately Mermaids are very shy creatues and only come out to play at night.